Quick, cheap and good

Occasionally I find a meal that hits the trifecta. It has to be easy, it has to be inexpensive and most importantly it has to taste good. This is one of those sheet pan suppers that came out a few years back. The original recipe is from food network but it’s simple enough to just tell you here. Spray down a sheet pan with cooking spray and set a 5-6 chicken drumsticks on one side about 1/3 the pan. Put into a 450 degree oven for 20 minutes. Meanwhile prep broccoli florets from 2 heads broccoli by coating in oil and salting. After the timer goes off add broccoli to one side of pan and brush chicken drumsticks on all sides with teriyaki sauce you have purchased. Put the whole thing back into the oven 25 mins. Voila!

Now not to worry this isn’t going to become a cooking blog, but if I find something that hits the trifecta I might just have to share.