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Sculpture Saturday week 7

This challenge is all about photographing art whether it be in a museum or out on the street. Another interpretation is things be they natural or manmade that resemble sculpture when photographed, this could be a macro image of a flower or a row of glass block or stones in a river bed. All of this is open for growth and interpretation.

All you need to do to participate is provide a photo on your blog and pingback or provide a link to the weekly post. I’ll post a new post every Friday night so that you can be all set with a Saturday post.

This sculpture is from the Mount St Mary’s park in St. Charles, IL. It’s a beautiful park and you’ll see more sculpture from their collection in the future. I rather like that they included a actual painting on the canvas, it’s like two arts in one.

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Library of the future…

RDP library

As it so happens I just got accepted into library school for a masters program. So the library is my future. But the future of the library is perhaps different than what you might think. The future is your computer or tablet. Even now overdrive and Libby are the ways I check out books without ever leaving home. Pubmed is how I do my research from the couch. The library is as much the apps or web page you interact with as it is books in their paper form. Libraries can license books while they are popular and then lose those books to the whims of whatever is new. All you need is a library card and a pin and your own computer can access this whirlwind of information. It’s a very different world than it used to be.