Being careful with self care…

Most of us have heard of self care. It’s something commonly done to feel better and can often start with a nice long bath, complete with candles and some sort of bath fizz or bomb. But there’s more to it than that.

Self care includes music and your favorite shows and activities as well. One place you can go astray is picking depressing music or movies. For me if I need a mood lift, I’ll turn on something with a quick beat like electronic dance music or certain kinds of pop music, for example Taylor Swift…you want anthem quality music. I would leave the Billie Eilish for another day although she’s fantastic. Strangely even Christmas music can be depressing if you listen to too much. Still feeling festive? Try listening in Spanish…the google play station Feliz navidad suave is excellent and feels like visiting a tropical island for Christmas.

The same goes for movies, you want comedy or family movies like Disney so you’re assured a happy ending. If you find yourself either scared or crying it’s probably best to change to something else. Most of us have access to Netflix or some equivalent so it’s not a big deal to change programs mid stream. If you don’t have such a service a lot of libraries offer digital streaming or DVDs you can check outfit free.

The key is to find quality content that’s also upbeat. It helps to find what you like when you’re already in a good mood and then save it for a rainy day. This can be a playlist or even a handwritten list of activities or movies. This is the kind of thing that can seem obvious when you’re feeling well but you can lose track of what’s “happy” when you start sliding. That’s why I use a self care box. I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow.

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