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Sculpture Saturday

I’ve been blogging somewhere in the neighborhood of a year now. If you routinely follow this blog you’ve seen a lot of flower photos a little bit of art but one of the other things I truly enjoy is seeing other people’s art. So I decided I’m going to contribute a new challenge called Sculpture Saturday.

This challenge is all about photographing art whether it be in a museum or out on the street. Another interpretation can be things be they natural or manmade that resemble sculpture when photographed, this could be a macro image of a flower or a row of glass block or stones in a river bed. All of this is open for growth and interpretation.

All you need to do to participate is provide a photo on your blog and pingback or provide a link to the weekly post. I’ll post a new post every Friday night so that you can be all set with a Saturday post. The goal for me is to post around 7pm Chicago time but I decided to post this starter one early. So feel free to join me for Sculpture Saturday.

So for this first week, one of my favorites is a water sculpture from the Naperville river walk that looks a lot like a dandelion in its final puffball form.

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