Four minute books

Sometimes with my newly acquired attention deficit I’m dealing with brief periods of focus. I used to love to read stories but often my working memory deficit causes me to forget important characters in complex novels. What ever the reason, anyone can read a Four minute book summary. These are primarily non fiction books based on ideas rather than stories.

To give you an example they discuss the book 13 things mentally strong people don’t do. In addition to the discussion, they link to a free article with all 13 points. Sure there are paid services that do this like the ones also promoted on the site, but these four minute summaries are free and there are nearly 500 of them. It’s a bit like an honest review of the book with the key points so you can decide if you actually want to read further.

In the 13 things book the first point is that mentally strong people don’t fell sorry for themselves. The reality is when I started losing cognitive ability I did feel sorry for myself, I also spent a lot of time ignoring or not dealing with the situation. I have to admit that while I’m working on it, I still feel sorry for myself sometimes and yet everyone I meet has something, some situation that makes their life harder than it has to be but most of them don’t sit around feeling sorry for themselves. My mom has stage four cancer but she’s pushed through operations, chemo and radiation only to be met with more operations. Yet she’s upbeat about her life and prospects, she’s activity ignoring most of the literature out there. One can get bogged down by the odds but she takes things as they come.

So of the thirteen things this will be my new goal, to take the events of my life in stride and focus on the good things that are happening so that I’m thinking positively and not wallowing in things beyond my control.


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