Inexpensive Indulgences

I have a bit of a thing for soaps, good old-fashioned bar soaps. They have the most interesting textures and scents. When I go on vacation I tend to pick up a few bars at gift shops but they can be pricey especially the French-milled varieties I’ve come to appreciate. A single bar of soap can be in the 6-8 dollar range. For me it’s s memory of the trip and the typically small, independent gift shops I bought them from. As it’s something I actively use instead of filing away like a post card I typically don’t mind the price as much.

The reality is lately I haven’t been traveling to the small towns that carry these little soap or gift shops as much. So, I’ve come up short on my soap supply. I like to keep a stock of soaps both for use and in my self care box that’s used if my bipolar starts getting the best of me. A self care box basically consists of things that appeal to all of the five senses and can bring you out of your worst emotional days. You want photos, candles, bath products and maybe a gift card or two. Since I’m running low on soap I decided to look around a little more when shopping. I found that Trader Joe’s carries french-milled soap for a mere $3.49 a bar. Even my grocery store has now stocked a type of goats milk soap.

I’ve only tried the lemon verbena but can’t wait for the lavender as it has little bits of lavender buds embedded in the soap. Anyway at that price I bought a couple of soaps to tide me over until I start visiting small towns again. Nothing can replace the memories of the place that come with buying soap in special shops but the rest of the experience is preserved. And in a way using a special soap reminds me of all the shops I’ve visited, whether it be pumpkin spice soap or rose patchouli.


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