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The new year

It hasn’t been the best year, tbh I’ll be happy to see 2018 go and move on to better things. My mom is still doing chemo and has managed to transfer it down to Florida where she saw her first dolphins of the year yesterday. My cognitive rehab is on hold due to insurance issues but one thing I’ve learned is that I’m not so impacted as I thought, a lot of the things I used to be good at I still am. I’m restarting therapy, the cbt kind to help get a handle on my life I really appreciate having a neutral opinion on things.

I’m not big on resolutions but I do have a few goals for 2019. I’m going to try to keep the place cleaner, less cluttered thanks to a quick video on minimalism. I won’t be taking it to extremes but there is some stuff that needs to go. I’d like to start cooking more again….just for the fun of it. If I can’t find a job working at a library I’m going to volunteer instead. This is because I’m thinking of becoming a librarian and I want to see what the day to day is like. So just a few things.

But I intend to keep doing the things I’ve always loved like taking flower pics so here are a couple of bonus pics as we start the new year. 😀 happy new year


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