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Flower of the day

More flowers at Cee’s


6 thoughts on “Flower of the day”

  1. I did a nutty thing this past summer. I grew water lillies in a mini pond made with a galf barrel plant pot. Of course, i had to put fish in it to ward off the mosquitos. It was quite interesting , till the neighborhood stray cats got in the mix, lol!! I never did see a flower ’cause thos darn cats kept passing through and wrecking the joint.😊.Love your photo!
    It brought it all back.

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      1. These were minnows I don’t think they will survive. That is, if the cat didn’t eat them all!! Supposedly, as they got bigger they would be able to survive this NY winter. We’ll see.😊The person I was talking to at the store also has a pond, but hers was inground.


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