Taking the steps…

Sometimes you have to take steps to move forward. I bought 7 lottery tickets. It’s a step. Its a step towards 1.6 billion dollars and at $14 a step away from an easy dinner and towards a lean cuisine instead. It seems like a worthwhile step. Every now and then even if you don’t win it’s worth playing the lottery just to dream.

What would I do if I won….well this is a big one so I could certainly help out all the people who’ve helped me over the years…set them up nicely. Have myself a nice mountain retreat along with a place in Hawaii and just spend the rest of my life relaxing and learning.

Even though it’s a dream it tends to tell you what you value, what is worthwhile to me are friends and family, being comfortable and having a nice view. So how do I get this in my normal life without winning the lottery? The chances of winning are apparently the same as being hit by an asteroid ☄️

The key is taking steps. Right now I’m underemployed as an adjunct teaching intro micro lab which is super fun but pays super poorly. Unfortunately many of the things I want require money. I’m thinking of moving to the western burbs it’s more like the area I grew up in and I’d like some kind of house which requires more money than I currently have. So I’m taking steps. I’m going to apply to a medical lab science program so I can do the bloodwork and microbiology labs in hospitals, you have to be certified to work with human samples. Once I accomplish this I should be making enough money that I can have perhaps not a place in Hawaii but a nice vacation there. I can have my house in the burbs closer to the bf and farther from the traffic and crime of the city. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do all this but still I take the steps, take the chance, the odds of betting on me are better than the mega millions.


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