ragtag daily prompt

What a variable week


It’s been a strange week. I started out with so much hope and excitement that I was going to go see my mom. Then I got sick, then after 24 hours I had no symptoms so I thought I might book a ticket for the next day but the prices were crazy even for the train. I guess a lot of people book at the last minute because when I checked in the morning prices were not that bad. Either way I waited too long to book and I won’t be going home at all. I can’t see the bf because he is sick and it’s also his moms birthday week so he is busily celebrating her. She speaks only Spanish so it’s hard for me to communicate with her. I had already told my friend I was going to be out of town then that I was sick but luckily we are still squeaking in a nice breakfast at the pancake house on Sunday. So it’s not a total bust of a weekend. I sent my mom a pail of Cheryl’s cookies just to cheer her up since I won’t be coming. So lots of ups and downs this week. Seems like that’s become the new normal around here.

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