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Blending in with the herd is a privilege


I suppose that sheep form flocks and not herds but sometimes it’s best to blend in. I often think this in terms of computer safety better not to stand out but it’s also something I think about in terms of my bipolar. Here, blogging, I’m safely anonymous so I can afford to be honest but most of the time in real life I try to blend in. If I’m suddenly drawn to a tiara sale or flamboyant scarves I realize they are only for special occasions and not everyday wear. I read in a book that doctors see any type of special headwear as a key indicator of bipolar. As much as I like the witchy wardrobe of the pyramid collection and even own a short cape, I limit it to Halloween where it’s considered normal to have such accoutrements. I honestly don’t know if it’s truly an indicator of mental illness or just a more colorful way of living but sometimes it’s better to blend in with the herd, flock or whatever your group may be called.


1 thought on “Blending in with the herd is a privilege”

  1. Beautiful photo. Your post made me think: I am a sun evader and forgot to pack my hat and sunglasses. One of my first purchases here in China was a sunhat. Until I had it I felt very exposed, and felt much more comfortable once I had it. Perhaps because my “tall nose” and pinkish white skin make me stand out here and the shade of the hat makes those features less prominent.


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