ragtag daily prompt

The unicorns adventure


The terrain was quite rugged up in the mountains in contrast to the plains filled with sunflowers gently swaying in the breeze. Yet, on occasion the unicorn felt like leaving the flower fields behind for greater adventure. She would make a pack with snacks and water for the trip because some adventures require planning and nobody wants to turn around and go home just because they got hungry. So she hoisted her pack and set out to find her favorite companion. In this case her best friend was Rusty the dog, named for the color of his coat. The two of them set off towards the mountains inhaling the grassy aroma of the plains while they could. The air in the mountains was cooler and little grew aside from short shrubby vegetation and that was only at the lower altitudes. The views were incredible. Everything was framed by the mountains and she could see for miles all of the fields surrounding them. Her own sunflower fields showed as a beautiful yellow ochre stripe down by the river. The neighboring fields bore crops as diverse as corn and pumpkins each with a distinct pattern and color to the field. It had been an effort to climb into the mountains but sometimes a new perspective can change everything. She and Rusty returned home feeling invigorated and with a desire to visit the neighbors and perhaps pick out a pumpkin for fall.


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