Rediscovering the 4 R’s of Mindfulness

Some time ago I was in therapy for my bipolar and one of the techniques I learned was mindfulness. I was cleaning out old paintings to be stashed forever under the bed and found this card that had been bent and deformed from many a ride in my pocket.

The first R is replacement. Replace negative thoughts with kind and forgiving thoughts. Basically if someone speeds past and cuts you off instead of negative cursing you can think perhaps they are late for work or have to be at the hospital or perhaps they are just having a bad day. It keeps you from feeling rage at their actions.

The second R is reflection. Do you really want to be the kind of person who thinks this way. Without even realizing, I did this the other day in Who do I want to be?. I guess that despite forgetting this sheets even existed I must have learned something that sprung from a deep recess of my mind. Do you want to be a negative person or a positive person. While we all have our times of feeling down or negative, I truly believe that the negativity hurts us compounding the initial problem. That’s not to say I’m eternally full of sunshine, however it helps to be optimistic.

The third R is redirection. This is a simple one, find something else to get your mind off the problem. Do something fun or work or clean or whatever fills your mind.

The final R is reconstruction. This is about assessing the original thought and whether it’s valid in its entirety. A lot of times we tack on additional thoughts that make the original thought worse than it actually is. This is about seeing reality in an unbiased manner, not making things more or less negative/positive than they actually are.

Hopefully you’ve found something you can use in this article. I know I’ve found something even if it is just a crumpled card with four R’s on it.


2 thoughts on “Rediscovering the 4 R’s of Mindfulness”

  1. Great post! I have found mindfulness to be so helpful in my life. I used to have constant negative thoughts and after thinking like that for several years they would just pop up habitually. I have worked very hard on changing the way I think. I started last year and it’s like my brain has been altered, I’m very positive automatically now, I don’t have to work on it much now which must because the pattern changed and has been ingrained over the past 15 months.

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