The cleaning phase

After being sick or even after being emotionally down there is a cleaning phase. Today begins that phase starting with laundry. There is so much laundry there will be a second day, it’s not like I have the luxury of my own machines so I need to follow the condo rules and limit myself to two machines at a time. Luckily quarters are no longer an issue, the board voted to put in a change machine a few years back. A small luxury, not quite as good as quarter free laundry though.

I get a box of produce every week from imperfect produce, it contains all the fruits and veg I need without packaging so I need to use them quickly or face the consequences like a moldy half liquid zucchini that spread to everything in that drawer. I feel sometimes the state of one’s home reflects an internal struggle. Not that I’m a neat freak by any means but if I have to get out the disinfectant it may be that I’m disgusted by what’s been going on both inside and out.

Sometimes though it’s just a matter of practicality, like the door knobs. I’m about to wipe them with a professional grade peroxide wipe that will take out even the difficult to kill stomach flu along with everyday influenza. Sure they’re unclean but no more so than anything I touched on the L. I wonder though if they get recontaminated by other things, I certainly haven’t found a good way to decontaminate electronics or even the couch. Nothing is 100%, I’m just hoping is clean enough that nobody I love gets the flu.


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