ragtag daily prompt

Taste isn’t worth dying for


Having worked with EHEC I know the sequelae can be paralysis and death. Most people don’t realize that eating undercooked hamburger can lead to such things. If you cook the meat through it’s no problem but leaving even a small amount of pink can cause harm if the meat is infected. The thing about burgers is the meat isn’t like chicken. Chicken is almost 100% infected so you learn a quick lesson if you undercook it. Beef is a little more confusing. All you need is a quick sear to make a steak good enough to eat but because burgers are ground the outside is mixed with the inside so you’ve got to cook it entirely through. Plus burgers are so rarely infected we have recalls when they are.

As such, I have to admit I almost never eat burgers beyond fast food chains. Most restaurants don’t seem to understand how to cook a burger through without turning it into a desiccated and burnt hockey puck. Still taste isn’t worth dying for and while nobody thinks it will happen to them, it’s tragic when it does happen.


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