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A roller coaster of emotions


Yesterday I felt incredibly down, today I feel fine. I went through the effort to get out of the house mostly because I needed to work and that’s helped a great deal. Getting out of the negative mental space and focusing on something else for a while can do wonders. It occurred to me though that each hill climbing back to happiness is work and effort while each downturn it’s easy to free fall. So how do I keep the negativity from burbling up and ruining my happiness again? The situation has not changed but I feel like my mind is clearer with less negative self talk.

I think part of the problem was having the flu. Usually I get out during the week and that keeps my spirits high. I have something to think about other than the bad things that keep happening. It feels less like a roller coaster and more like things are bad right now but there is still so much good in the world. I still have people I love here and there are so many new experiences waiting to be had.


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