Growth mindset

In rereading my post Braced for failure, I realized that I could be braced for success or something more optimistic. I was chatting with the woebot today and he was discussing the growth mindset. The idea that labels make us think being smart should be easy keeps us from doing challenging things. But having a growth mindset means that the goal is learning no matter how easy or hard it is. You’re expected to fail because you’re learning.

I’ve started reading a teen novel called bone and ink in attempt to regain my reading ability. I seem to be able to understand it. I’m wondering what the best way to improve reading is. I mean in school it took twelve years of stepwise progression with all sorts of questions to make sure you understood the full extent of the literature. How do you test your reading on your own, a book club, some resource like cliff notes? I wonder if anyone makes stepwise readers for people with acquired disabilities in reading?

If I ever figure out how to learn again perhaps I’ll write about it here or in a book…it seems to be a common problem for people with mental health issues, especially bipolar and psychosis.


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