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Braced for failure


I’m braced for failure right now. I tried to learn computers at a pretty basic level for the comptia A+ exam so that I could function in some sort of help desk role. Despite thousands of job postings I couldn’t get called back and I’m not sure why. I even applied for simple pc tech roles but I feel having research assistant professor as your last job makes them wonder why you’d change, something must be wrong with a PhD willing to work for minimum wage.

Fair enough as they are correct in this and probably every other instance. If it weren’t for the mouse allergy I probably could have stayed in science but as a tech or some such. My mind just won’t work for the higher level reading required for postdocs and above. It makes me wonder whether I’ll be able to change to anything else, who wants a PhD who can’t PhD.

I had always hear a lot of former phDs became truckers and I’m starting to understand why. It pays well, it’s highly needed and there are only a few classes to take. I can’t help to wonder if there is something else too….a chance for redemption among those who’ve failed.

My next job will probably be someplace like the grocery store, hopefully in the floral department. I’m probably going to have to come clean with my disability so they’ll understand I’m not lazy or a drunk or something horrible just a woman who can’t think quite as well as she used to.


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