mind, ragtag daily prompt

Not quite ready…


Someday I will be something again. I’m slowly making a comeback but I have time. I want to make sure it’s the right decision that when years from now I lay on my death bed I feel like I accomplished something and most of all that I truly tried my best rather than waste away the best years of my life. I suppose by those standards I already accomplished something career wise but thanks to a mouse allergy and some cognitive deficits those days are over. What to do next?

It seems that most of the doors are closed to me within my field. I tried working for a startup and now teaching as an adjunct but I was not good at the first and the second has an overwhelming amount of work for the supposed 8 hours a week I’m getting paid for. I could try science writing but with my reading taking a hit it would be difficult. So that leaves me a whole world worth of other options and opportunities for my comeback.

My current favorite option is to work as a florist. I’ve always loved flowers and art and my visual memory is still good. Another thing I’d enjoy is museum studies or library science but I’m not sure I’m up for a masters at the moment. I also considered art therapy as a way to both be creative and help people but I’d have to redo my entire undergrad thanks to the prereqs in art and psychology that I don’t have. There are so many options if I can fix my cognition and even if I can’t there is community college. Who will I be? Normally this is a question for 17 year olds and not someone in their forties but jobs define us in many ways so here’s a chance for real change. Something more than switching identities on Halloween. Who do I want to be?


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