Sometimes it takes an ordinary illness to restore a feeling of groundedness not to mention grounding one to the house. I suppose I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately between my moms cancers and everything that’s been going on with me medically. But this flu or cold or what not has me focused on the present again. Right now it’s just about getting better.

I suppose I could think about everything I’m missing out on this weekend but instead I’m focused on the basics. I needed groceries yesterday and because I live in the city I was able to use instacart to have them delivered with a few clicks. I remember the days where I had to go shopping immediately before I became too ill. Stocking up on medicine and food was a necessity for a single adult.

These days I also have a convenient back up. The boyfriend is bringing the kind of meds you need to sign for because of some long past meth epidemic. He’s also bringing pupusas. Now if you’ve never had a pupusa you’re missing out these are basically cornmeal/masa filled with a mix of beans, cheese and sausage. This particular delicacy is from El Salvador and gets topped with salsa and cortido which is made of fermented cabbage. I suppose it doesn’t sound like much but then kimchi is a spiced variant of fermented cabbage and we all know how tasty that is.

We don’t get pupusas often because it requires a trip to the south side which isn’t the best area and is kind of far. So maybe once or twice a year the bf gets around a hundred dollars worth of these things and we eat like kings for a week. It was poor timing me getting sick before I could get my share of the bounty. But luckily he’s willing to drive an hour here and back to bring me some. He’s not willing to catch my flu however so we’ll have a bit of a hand off in the hallway then he’ll have to go.

So while I don’t recommend you try to get a feeling of groundedness from the flu, if it happens to pop into your life despite getting the flu shot it can put things back into perspective for you. Food, water, shelter and maybe a little cold medicine.


3 thoughts on “Grounded”

  1. Hope you feel better soon!

    By the way, I LOVE papusas!! My mom and I used to get them all the time, I haven’t had one in forever but have been thinking about finding a place around here that sells them so I can enjoy them again. I fell in love at the first bite! 🙂

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