The doctor is in….

My mom is suffering from stage iv cancer, starting in the breast…turns out that she has the Brca2 mutation in this case a stop codon, but it doesn’t stop there I have the same mutation lurking in me. They just sent the official results by mail. I had already talked to the genetics counselor but seeing it in writing makes it entirely more real.

They are recommending I get my ovaries taken out and even consider removing my breasts. At a minimum I need screening for cancer every six months alternating mris with mammograms.

It seems fitting that this happens as the seasons change. Often we tie change to spring or even the beginning of the year but why not fall for the darker changes? The reality is that even though I’m sad about me, I’m still more worried about my mom than anything. They are calling it stage iv but the pet scan only indicated possible ovarian tumors, they could be cysts….regardless it’s not in the brain or the liver or other danger zones that are inoperable. Still stage iv…..my mom didn’t understand at first, she asked what stage v was. I had to explain that iv was the last one. Despite getting a double mastectomy and additional surgery she progressed to this stage from stage zero pagets in three months.

I’ve been sending cards, flowers and gifts just to brighten her day. At the end of October with a small break from school I’ll be sending myself…


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